Ministry of Defense Sets New Rules for Land Transfer (Download PDF)

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Ministry of Defense Sets New Rules for Land Transfer

  • The Ministry of Defense recently approved the land transfer rules.
  • Under the new rules the armed forces can receive infrastructure equivalent in value to the land under their control.
  • The land is to be used for public utilities.
  • This will help reduce the defense forces՚ expenditure.
Let the Work Begin

Key Highlights

  • The Defense Forces under the new rule will effectively be able to monetize their land holdings for internal use.
  • Earlier, the land needed for public works such as railways, roads could either be exchanged for land equivalent value or for payment of market places.
  • The State Governments, metros and National Highway Authority of India can offer equal value of infrastructure for the land acquired from the defense sector.
  • The Defense sector has one of the largest holdings of land in India.
  • As per the Public Accounts Committee 89th report on Defense Estate Management, 2013, the Ministry of Defense owns 17 lakh acres of land.
  • The committee states the following issues in Defense Sector Landholdings:
  • The Ministry of Defense has faltered in applying proper norms and has failed to implement judicious management of lands.
  • There is variation in records between Defense Estate Officers and Local Military Authorities
  • Large portions of the lands are waiting for more than 60 years for mutation.
  • The Defense lands are being used for unauthorized commercial purpose such as golf courses.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 21, 2021

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