Ministry of Earth Science - Year End Summary, PIB, Major Schemes, Achievements 2017 (Download PDF)

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The Government also approved the setting up of Earth Commission on the pattern of Space Commission and Atomic Energy Commission: Commissioning of Air Quality & Weather Monitoring Stations at Ahmedabad: I. Open sea cage culture: A Foundation Stone for the Marine Finfish Hatchery and Test Facility for Ballast Water Treatment Technologies.

Ministerial Summary 2017 PIB (Current Affairs/Gs 2018)

II. Puducherry Beach Restoration:

III. Monsoon Mission Program: For the first time, India Meteorological Department used the Monsoon Mission dynamical model to prepare operational seasonal forecast of 2017 monsoon rainfall over India.

IV. Scientific Deep Drilling in the Koyna Intra-Plate Seismic Zone, Maharashtra: Three field laboratories were functional on site: (i) geological lab. , (ii) mud-logging lab. , (iii) online gas and fluid sampling lab.

V. Inauguration of the ST Radar at CUSAT and Doppler Weather Radar at Kochi: First stratosphere troposphere wind profile radar operating on 205 MHz installed in the world. The S-Band Doppler weather radar in Kochi was made with support from ISRO and Bharat Electronics.

VII. De-salination of water: National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) has developed indigenized technologies for producing clean drinking water from the ocean. The plants are operated by the local islanders. NIOT is now installing another six more plants in Lakshadweep islands.

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