Ministry of Railways has issued Letter of Award to GE Global Sourcing India Pvt Limited (Download PDF)

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About the Letter of Award: In this Letter of Award, approximately 1000 Locomotives will be manufactured at a basic cost of about 14,656 crore rupees in a period of ten years. These modern powerful locomotives will support the mega freight operations and useful for Growing Heavy Haul Freight Operations.

  • These locomotives will bring savings in fuel costs on Indian Railways as they are highly fuel efficient.
  • These will be prepared with latest technology like motor driven blowers and compressors, REMMLOT system, electronic fuel injection system and noise control.

About issuing of Letter of Award:

  • A Letter of Award to USA - based GE Global Sourcing India Pvt. Ltd. was issued by Ministry of Railways for setting up of Diesel Locomotive Factory and for achievement and conservation of main Diesel Electric Locomotives.
  • A Joint Venture Company between Ministry of Railways and M/S GE Global Sourcing India Pvt. Limited to be Created to Construct and Run the Factory that will manufacture modern diesel electric locomotives of 4500 HP and 6000 HP to Indian railways.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 23, 2015


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