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The Gujarat Government has discussed underground status to the Jain community in the state. State government has issued a government resolution (GR) giving minority status to the Jain community in this respect.

Key facts

  • The conclusion has naught to do with misgivings and the new status will advantage the poor among the Jain community.
  • The poor amongst the underground community can benefit for various scholarships, government welfare schemes.
  • Jain organizations will also get changed status like the one given to Christian and Muslim institutions as per Article 30 of Indian Constitution.
  • At the Centre the preceding UPA Government had discussed the minority status on the Jain community at the national level in January 2014.
  • With this Jains were become 6th community to have minority status after
  1. Muslims
  2. Christians
  3. Sikhs
  4. Buddhists
  5. Parsis
  • Under the Constitution, religious and semantic minorities have special rights.
  • The minority status benefits to give legitimate protections to underground communities and make them qualified for happiness programmes of the Union Minority Affairs Ministry.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 9, 2016

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