MoU Approvals with Foreign Countries

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PM, Chair Person of Cabinet is approved MoUs w/different foreign countries. Cabinet approved MoUs w/Zambia, Canada, UK, & Northern Ireland & South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme.

Cabinet Approves MoU B/W India & Zambia

Cabinet Approves MoU B/W India & Zambia in Field of Judicial Cooperation

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will enhance good & strong relation b/w India & Zambia & add new dimensions in field of judicial reforms.
  • During recent years, social, cultural & commercial relations b/w India & Zambia have developed in positive directions.

Key Facts of Zambia:

  • Capital - Lusaka
  • Currency - Zambian kwacha
  • Current President - Edgar Lungu
Memorandum of Understanding

Cabinet Approves MoU B/W India, UK & Northern Ireland

  • MoU is regarding cooperation & exchange of information for purpose of combating international criminality & tackling serious organised crime.
  • Agreement concerning investigation & prosecution of crime & tracing, restraint & confiscation of proceeds & instruments of crime & terrorist funds, b/w India & UK is in place since 1995.
  • Latest MoU will further strengthen cooperation b/w India & UK in fighting international criminality & serious organized crime.

Key Facts of UK:

  • Capital - London
  • Currency - Great British Pound
  • Current PM - Theresa May

Cabinet Approves MoU B/W India & Canada on IPRs

  • Cabinet has given its ex-post approval for MoU b/w India & Canada to establish bilateral cooperation in field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) .
  • MoU was signed on 23rd Feb. 2018.
  • As per terms of MoU, broad & flexible framework will be established thru which, both countries can exchange best practices & work together on training programs & technical exchanges to raise awareness & protect IP ₹
  • Activities to be conducted under framework are intended to promote innovation, creativity & economic growth in India & Canada.

Key Facts of Canada:

  • Capital - Ottawa
  • Currency - Canadian Dollar
  • Current PM - Justin Trudeau

Cabinet Approves MoU B/W India & South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme

  • MoU is regarding cooperation on response to Oil & Chemical Pollution in South Asian Seas Region.
  • MoU envisages closer cooperation b/w India & other maritime nations comprising South Asian seas region for protection & preservation of marine environment in region.
  • South Asian seas region are Bangladesh, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.
  • ICG will be Competent National Authority & national operational contact point for implementation of Regional Oil Spill Contingency Plan.
  • Regional Oil Spill Contingency Plan was jointly developed by SACEP & International Maritime Organisation (IMO) .
  • Regional Oil Soill Contingency Plan was developed to facilitate international co-operation & mutual assistance in preparing & responding to major oil pollution incident in seas around India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.

Key Facts of South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme:

  • Established - 1982
  • Objective - to promote & support protection, management & enhancement of environment in South Asian Seas region
  • Secretariat - Colombo, Sri Lanka

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