MoU Between India and Sao Tome and Principe on Cooperation in the Field of Medicinal Plants (Download PDF)


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Union Cabinet has given its ex – post facto approval for MoU b/w India & Sao Tome & Principe on cooperation in field of Medicinal Plants. MoU was signed on 14th March, 2018. MoU is expected to reach US $7 trillion by 2050.

India and Medicinal Plants

  • India is one of richest countries & has more than 7000 species of flowering plants that have medicinal usage in traditional systems of medicines like Ayurveda, Unani, Sidhha & Homoeopathy.

  • About 1178 species of medicinal plants are estimated to be in trade of which 242 species have annual consumption levels in excess of 100 metric tonnes per year.

Significance of MoU

  • MoU holds lot of significance as world herbal trade has touched $120 billion mark on account of global resurgence in traditional & alternative health care systems.

  • Medicinal plants are major resource base for the traditional medicine and herbal industry & provide livelihood & health security to large segment of Indian population.

  • India & Sao Tome & Principe will stand to gain from this MoU, as there are large number of medicinal plants which are common to 2 countries given similar geo-climatic factors.

Key Facts of Sao Tome & Principe:

  • Capital – Sao Tome

  • Currency – Dobra

  • President – Evaristo Carvalho

- Published/Last Modified on: July 9, 2018

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