MoU between India and France for Scientific and Technical Cooperation

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An approval has been given by the Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister of India on Scientific and Technical Cooperation between India and UAE. This cooperation is between National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) , United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) India.

MoU Overview

  • Sharing of knowledge.
  • Data and operational products for meteorological, Seismological, and oceanic services such as:
    • Radar
    • Satellite
    • Tide gauges
    • Seismic and Meteorological stations
  • Information exchange w. r. t scientific and technical information of common interest activities.
  • Exchanging experience/visits in term of scientists, research scholars and specialists, etc.
  • Organizing bilateral scientific and technical seminars/workshops/conferences and training courses.
  • Deployment of Meteorological observation networks w. r. t mutual agreement over Ocean waters.
  • Cooperation in the development of special capacities of Tsunami models.
    • Researches for faster and more reliable forecasts.
    • Propagation through the Oman Sea and Arabian Sea.
    • Affecting the coastal areas of India and North East of UAE.
    • Tsunami Early Warning Centre (TEWC)
    • Forecast modelling software
      • Specifically designed to support the Tsunami forecasting operations
  • Through the knowledge exchange, ensuring cooperation in Early warnings of Sand and Dust storms.
  • Cooperate at the field of Seismology.
  • Sharing the real-time seismic data of some of Seismic stations.


  • Weather services enhance the efficiency of weather dependent sectors.
  • Managing risk in weather-dependent economic sectors:
    • Agriculture
    • Transport
    • Water
  • Strengthening resilience through regional and global cooperation.
  • Regional collaboration can help improve understanding of:
    • Changing weather patterns
    • Devising effective response strategies
    • Lowering investment costs
    • Foster regionally relevant technological innovation
    • Addressing challenges related to modernization and sustainability

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