Morocco Reveals World’s Largest Concentrated Solar Plant


At the Souss-Massa-Draa area in Morocco the first phase of the world’s largest focused solar power (CSP) plant has been launched. With this project more than Moroccan households will get enough energy after completion of this project up to 2018. This project is implemented as part of Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex.

Key facts:

The main objective behind implementation of this plant is to reduce dependency on fossil fuels by using renewable energy and move towards low carbon development.

With this implementation fossil fuel dependency will be reduce by 2 and half million tons approximately.

It will also reduce carbon emissions up to 760, 000 tons per year.

The project will be implemented in 3 phases which are construction of:

  • Noor I (160MW),
  • Noor II (200MW) and
  • Noor III (150MW).

The World Bank has financed this plants construction with its Clean Technology Fund by giving lone of US 97 million dollars.

About Concentrated Solar Power Plant

sun light is focused or concentrated using mirrors to heat up a liquid mixed with water at around 4000C to produce steam which drives a turbine and generates electrical power in this plant.

As compare to the widely used conventional photovoltaic solar panels, CSP is more expensive to install but it has advantage of storing of solar energy for nights and cloudy days

During the sunny day heat resolute from the mirrors is also used to melt salt filled in the cylinder and this melted salt can stay hot sufficiently up to night to provide power up to 3 hours.

- Published/Last Modified on: February 12, 2016