Mumbai KEM Nightingale Aruna Shanbaug died after 42-years in coma


Aruna Shanbaug was the nurse of Mumbai’s King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital who died after 42 years in coma. Shanbaug was brutally raped on the night of November 27, 1973 by a ward boy-cum-sweeper of the hospital and after throttling her with a dog chain. Since then, she was hospitalised in KEM hospital and was cared by hospital staff.

Image of Aruna Shanbaug

Image of Aruna Shanbaug

Died after 42 years in coma

  • Her full name was Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug who was born on 1 June 1948 and died on 18 May 2015.
  • Former journalist and author, Pinki Virani was written a biography on Aruna which was titled “Aruna’s Story” in 1998. Duttakumar Desai wrote the Marathi play, Katha Arunachi which was staged under director Vinay Apte in 2002.
  • In March 2011, the petition was filed by former journalist and author Pinki Virani in the Supreme Court of India but rejected the mercy killing (euthanasia) petition for her.
  • Maharashtra government announced a decision to rename the Nursing Training School in Thane after Aruna Shanbaug, the KEM Hospital nurse who passed away yesterday after 42 years in coma.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 28, 2015