NAsA Maps Show Decline in Pollution Amid Covid-19 Slowdown (Download PDF)

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NAsA Maps Show Decline in Pollution Amid Covid-19 Slowdown

  • A dramatic decline in the pollution level has been observed in China between January and February 2020, according to the maps released by National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA.
  • NASA compared the first two months of 2020 with the same period in 2019.
  • The economic slowdown in China is due to coronavirus been stated by the agency to be partially responsible for the reduction in pollution.
  • A significant decline in NO2 has also been observed from 1 - 10 January 2020 (before the quarantine) and 10 - 25 February 2020 (after the quarantine) .
NAsA Maps Show Decline in Pollution


  • According to NASA, the decline in NO2 was first observed in Wuhan.
  • It spreaded to other regions from Wuhan.
  • NO2 is a noxious gas which causes air pollution and leads to many diseases. It is released by factories, industries, power plants etc.
  • Internationally, 87,137 cases of the Covid 19 have been reported.
  • By the end of February, number of cases alone in China are 79,968 and number of deaths are 2,873.
  • As per the report of Carbon Brief (a climate watch website) more than 100 tonnes of CO2 have been shaved off by COVID-19 in early February 2020.
  • The report said that output of key industrial sectors has been reduced by 15 - 40 % due to the measures taken to control the pandemic.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 22, 2020

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