NASA Successfully Launches Super Pressure Balloon

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NASA successfully launched Super pressure balloon from Wanaka Airport, New Zealand. A mission designed to run 100 or more days floating at 110,000 feet (33.5 km) about the globe in the southern hemisphere՚s mid-latitude band. While validating the super pressure balloon technology is the main flight objective, the International Extreme Universe Space Observatory on a Super Pressure Balloon (EUSO-SPB) payload is flying as a mission of opportunity.

The Super Pressure Balloon


  • The EUSO-SPB is designed to detect high-energy cosmic rays originating from outside our galaxy as they penetrate the Earth՚s atmosphere
  • These high-energy particles enter the atmosphere; they interact with nitrogen molecules in the air and create UV fluorescence light.
  • The International Extreme Universe Space Observatory on a super pressure balloon (EUSO - SPB) payload is flying as a mission of opportunity
  • Flying on the payload is a poppy in celebration of Anzac day, a national day of remembrance in New Zealand and Australia.
  • The balloon travels around the Earth
  • It may be visible from the ground particularly at sunrise and sunset in the southern hemisphere՚s mid - latitudes
  • it՚s expected to circle the planet two or three times.
  • NASA՚s Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Palestine, Texas, provides
    • Mission planning,
    • Engineering services and field operations
  • At a relatively low cost, NASA heavy-lift balloons have been critical launch vehicles for testing

About Super Pressure Balloon

  • The balloon was developed together by NASA and Columbia Science Balloon Facility teams
  • Super - pressure Balloons flow chart
Super - Pressure Balloons Flow Chart
  • Material use in balloon
The Material Use in Balloon
  • Map showing the balloon՚s real-time location
Map Showing the Balloon՚s Real-Time Location
  • Average Float Altitude Variation for 9 day for Super pressure Ballon
Altitude Variation for 9 Day for Super Pressure Ballon

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