Nanomicelles: Using Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment (Download PDF)

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  • Researchers across the globe have been exploring about the use of nanoparticles for efficient drug delivery. The nanomicelles have been observed as an emerging platform in targeted therapy.
  • Nanomicelles are extremely small structures with a hydrophilic outer shell and a hydrophobic interior. These properties make them a perfect carrier for delivering drug molecules.
Nanomicelles: Using Nanoparticles for Cancer Treatment


  • Less than 100 nm in size and stable at room temperature.
  • These nanomicelles can easily escape the circulation and enter the solid tumors.
    • The blood vessels are found to be leaky.
    • In healthy organs, the leaky blood vessels are absent.
  • The enzymes will cleave the bond to activate the drug, once the nanomicelles on entering the cancer cells.
  • Previously the researchers also developed hydrogel drug delivery system to carry a combination of three drugs.

Chemical Conjugation

Would render the phospholipid­doce taxel prodrug to be silent in the circulation and healthy organs.

Case Study

  • Effectiveness of the nanomicelles in a mice breast tumor model was tested. It significantly helped in tumor regression.
  • When the toxicity was compared with the currently used FDA approved formulation, it was found to be less toxic.
  • Similar observation was recorded when the test was done in higher model organisms such as rats, rabbits, and rhesus monkeys.
  • It was further revealed that the nanomicelles work by enhancing the expression of tumor suppressor genes.

Benefits of Nanomicelles

  • Extremely cost-effective.
  • Can prove to be next-generation chemotherapeutic.

Drug Delivery

  • Docetaxel drug has been created by a multi¬≠disciplinary, multi¬≠institutional team.
  • Docetaxel can be used to treat various cancers including breast, colon, and lung cancer.
  • Docetaxel is a highly hydrophobic drug, dissolved in a chemical mixture (polysorbate¬≠80 and alcohol) .
  • Cancer therapy is about destroying the cancer cells without harming healthy cells of the body.
  • Chemotherapeutics for cancer treatment is highly toxic.
    • Toxic effects on liver, blood cells, and lungs.

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