Naomi Klein wins 2015 American Book Award [ ]


Naomi Klein born on May 8, 1970 is a Canadian author, social activist, and filmmaker renowned for political analyses and criticism of corporate globalization and of corporate capitalism. She is known for “ No Logo” , a book that went on to become an international bestseller.

Image of Naomi Klein

Image of Naomi Klein

Write of "No Logo" - criticism of corporate globalization and of corporate capitalism

  • She has won the 36th edition of American Book Award 2015.
  • She has won this award for her environmental work: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate published in 2014. Others winning the award include Marlon James (A Brief History of Seven Killings), Carlos Santana (The Universal Tone) etc. Poet Anne Waldman was honored with lifetime achievement award in this edition of prize.

About American Book Award

  1. It is an American literary award that yearly recognizes a set of books and people for “outstanding contribution and literary achievement”.
  2. This award was established in 1978 and mainly administered by a non-profit educational and service organization before Columbus Foundation, founded in 1976 by author-playwright Ishmael.
  3. It honors persons for their excellence in American literature without restriction to sex, race, ethnic background or genre.
  4. The awards do not have any individual categories and since 2000, American Book Awards are given for Lifetime Achievement.

- Published/Last Modified on: July 23, 2015