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PM Modi inaugurated India’s largest Cheese Plant in Banaskantha. Along with other projects, PM Modi inaugurated milk cooperative dairy plant. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Gujarat. He mentioned how drip irrigation widely benefitted farmers in the north Gujarat region.

PM inaugurates India's largest cheese plant in Banaskantha

PM Inaugurates India’s Largest Cheese Plant in Banaskantha

PM inaugurates India’s largest cheese plant in Banaskantha

About Cheese Plant

  • Plant in Banas Dairy costed Rs. 350 Crore.
  • The plant produces with a capacity of manufacturing 900 metric tonne (MT) per month.
Cheese production mechanism explained

Cheese Production Mechanism Explained

Cheese production mechanism explained

  • Plant was built with technical and financial support from the National Dairy Development Board.
  • It will produce 30 MT of cheese per day.
  • The new plant will produce both mozzarella and processed cheese.
  • Anand-based Amul Dairy runs a cheese plant with similar capacity at Khatraj.
Banas Dairy Asia's Largest Dairy

Banas Dairy Asia’s Largest Dairy

Banas Dairy Asia’s Largest Dairy

About Banas Dairy

  • Headquarters: Palanpur, Gujarat, India
  • Number of employees: 2600
  • Galbabhai Nanjibhai Patel played an important role in the foundation of the dairy.
  • It is a dairy based in Banaskantha district of Gujarat, India.
  • It is Asia’s No. 1 in milk production.
  • It was founded in 1969 according to the 1961 rule of the National Dairy Development Board under Operation Flood.
  • Banas Dairy collects an average of around 35 lakh liters of milk every day.
  • The dairy’s turnover has crossed Rs. 6,080 crore compared to last year.
  • Banas Dairy has 0.18 Million shareholders, which are spread across 1,200 cooperative societies.
Location of Chees Plants

Location of Chees Plants

Location of Chees Plants

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