National Curriculum Framework of Teacher Education, 2005 [ ]


The framework is an endeavor of the National Council for Teacher Education to encourage interested parties and stakeholders to give their views on the qualitative and quantitative improvements that could be achieved in educating teachers at school, graduate, post-graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral levels.

A previous “curriculum framework” had been developed in 1978 by the council itself (which at that time was just a department rather than an independent body), followed by the NCERT framework for teacher education in 1988, which subsequently led to the “first curriculum framework for quality teacher education” by NCTE in 1998. This was succeeded in 2005.

  • Reflective practice - Ability to reflect on an action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning
  • Provide opportunity for student-teachers for self-learning, reflection, assimilation and articulation of new ideas
  • Develop capacities for self-directed learning and ability to think, be critical and to work in groups
  • Provide opportunities to student-teachers to observe and engage with children, communicate with and relate to children

Main Features of the NCF 2005

  • Perspective of NCF
  • Learning and knowledge
  • Curricular area, School stages and assessment
  • School and Classroom Environment
  • Systemic Reforms

Objectives of the framework

  • Context, Concerns and Vision of Teacher Education
  • Curricular Areas of Initial Teacher Education
  • Sample Redesigned Schemas of Current Teacher Education Programmes
  • Evaluating The Developing Teacher
  • In-Service Education and Continuous Professional Development
  • Preparing Teacher Educators

Reforms in teacher Education

  • Revision of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Teacher Education
  • National Curriculum Framework on Teacher Education
  • Reforms in Regulatory Framework 

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