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National Institute of Design (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was introduced in Rajya Sabha by the Minister of Commerce and Industry on July 2019 to declare 4 National Institutes of Design as Institutions of National Importance. In the last 60 years, the parliament declared 141 institutions as Institutions of National Importance. National Institutes of Design (NID) was setup to improve the design capability of India’s small and medium enterprises.

Key Provisions of the Bill

  • These NIDs are important to address the needs of design in various sectors including agriculture, Healthcare and transport.

  • The four design institutes are at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, Jorhat in Assam, Kurukshetra in Haryana and Amaravati in AP.

  • Till now these institutions are registered as societies under the Societies Regulation Act, 1860 and they do not have power to grant degrees or diplomas.

  • Now they will function as autonomous institutes and these institutions can grant degrees and diplomas to the students.

  • In India there are lot of industries which requires skill designs like housing, manufacturing, Cinemas, Publishing, marketing, textile Technologies.

  • By granting these institutes as the National Importance, the government is providing a platform to these institutions to provide design solutions to the world.

  • India is going to be 5 trillion dollar economy and third largest economy with the scientific and technological manpower but our design capability are not in advanced.


  • There is a huge shortage of faculty in the Institutions of national importance.

  • National Institute of Design is focusing on Fashion Technology, footwear design and development centers but they are not focusing on traditional Handicrafts and Handlooms.

  • These Handicrafts and Handlooms are not getting much attention, there is need to develop crafts industry as it having an enormous employment potential and export potential

  • Government interference in these institutions creates problems; they bring Bureaucracy so there is no government interference in these and NIDs.

  • Providing market for innovative technologies and products of the students from the NIDs.

  • Private industries should collaborate with these institutes to develop new innovative Technologies in the field of Agriculture, Healthcare and transportation etc.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 2, 2020

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