National Security Directive Announced on Telecom Sector (Download PDF)

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National Security Directive Announced on Telecom Sector

  • The National Security Directive on Telecommunication Sector was announced recently by the Cabinet Committee on Security to tighten security of communications network.
  • The directives will mandate the service providers to purchase equipment from trusted sources. The directive at present does not envisage mandatory replacement of the existing equipment w. r. t the network of TSPs.
National Security Directive Announced on Telecom Sector

Plan Preview

  • To ensure India՚s national security.
  • Among top three countries facing cyber-attack, India is one of them.
  • A list of trusted sources will be declared along with trusted products for installation in the country՚s telecom network.
  • The National Cyber Security Coordinator will devise the methodology to designate trusted products.
  • The deputy national security advisor will be the head for the committee on whose approval the list of the trusted source and product will be decided.
    • Members from relevant departments.
    • Ministries.
    • Two members from the industry and independent experts.
  • This also includes provisions to qualify telecom gears being made by domestic players.
  • A separate list of designated sources from whom there will be no procurement will also be created.

Certified as India Trusted Sources

Domestic players meeting the criteria of the Department of Telecommunications՚ preferential market access (PMA) scheme.

The PMA scheme:

  • Gives weightage to telecom gears.
  • Developed and manufactured by indigenous companies.

The DoT

  • Will notify guidelines thereby ensuring monitoring of compliance by telecom service providers.
  • Certain modifications will also be made by the Department of Telecom in the license conditions. This will ensure the implementations of the provisions of the directive.
  • After 180 days from the date of approval, the policy will come into operation.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 31, 2021

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