Nationality of the Indo-Bangla joint survey concluded in LBA enclaves


The land boundary agreement (LBA) on the India-Bangladesh border recently swapped selection of 162 enclaves in the official national survey has ended. The survey was conducted by the Enclaves Exchange Co-ordination Committee (NECC) of both countries for determining the nationality preference of over 50,000 enclave-residents.

Indo-Bangla Ties - Highlights

Indo-Bangla Ties - Highlights

Relation of India and Bangladesh

  1. On Bangladesh’s side it is found that 1,027 out of around 37,369 had selected for Indian nationality from the recently swapped 111 Indian enclaves now located in Bangladesh.
  2. In India’s side, over 14,000 residents in 51 Bangladeshi enclaves transferred to India have selected to relocate to Bangladesh.
  3. The nationality preference survey was conducted by 75 joint-teams of NECC under the modalities of the LAB.
  4. The agreement came in to effect after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh on June 2015.
  5. India had swapped around 111 enclaves to Bangladesh, while the counterpart had swapped 51 enclaves.
  6. As per LBA, all 162 enclaves will stand transferred to the two respective countries on midnight of 31 July, 2015.

- Published/Last Modified on: July 24, 2015