Nepal goes to UN and finished ‘obstruction’ of employment point with India (Download PDF)


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About finishing of ‘obstruction’ of employment point with India: Nepal has gone to the United Nations above suspected difficulty of a key limit employment point with India which has caused the serious shortage of necessary goods.

  • Nepal’s situation Rights is distress from shortage of necessary goods like fuel and cooking gas because of “private obstruction” of a key trade point at the border with India.
  • International community attracted to confirm effective and unrestricted freedom of transportation of land - locked countries is not reduced.
  • Issue of India’s obstruction is affecting implementation of the Vienna Programme of Action from year 2014 to 2024 of developing countries like Nepal.

About reason of the economic obstruction:

  • This problem of economic obstruction had grown up after people of Terai region of Nepal had started complaining against its newly - promulgated Structure.
  • India has rejected Nepal’s claims of obstruction as false.
  • India has strained that Nepal can only take imports trucks up to the border and outside that it is the responsibility of the Nepalese to ensure acceptable safety and security for their trucks.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 6, 2015


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