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New five “hot Jupiter-like” planets have been discovered by the Scientists which have similar characteristics to our solar system’s biggest planet. And Scientists has designated them as: WASP-119 b, WASP-124 b, WASP-126 b, WASP-129 b and WASP-133 b.

And they path very close to their host stars and hot compared to Jupiter.

Key facts:

  • The researchers from Keele University in UK have found this planets using Wide Angle Search for Planets-South (WASP-South) instrument.
  • These planets has orbital period different from 2.17 to 5.75 days and their radii are between one to 1.5 Jupiter radiuses.
  • Their crowds range from 0.3 to 1.2 the mass of Jupiter.
  • It has also same mass as Sun of our solar system but it is much older based analysis of its effective temperature and density.

WASP-124 b:

  • less massive than Jupiter
  • orbital period of 3.4 days
  • Much younger parent star.

WASP-126 b:

  • lowest-mass
  • low surface gravity
  • A good target for transmission spectroscopy
  • Brightest star of among the five.

WASP-129 b:

  • similar in size to Jupiter
  • longest orbital period
  • high compared surface gravity

WASP-133 b:

  • Shortest orbital period.
  • slightly bigger Jupiter

- Published/Last Modified on: February 23, 2016

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