New Horizons of Agri-Entrepreneurship and Agro MSMEs (Kurukshetra November 2020)

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New Horizons of Agri-Entrepreneurship and Agro MSMEs

  • India is the hot-bed of dairy industry in the world, AMUL movement being the fore-runner and largest producer of milk and milk products on cooperative principles.
  • AMUL and National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has provided opportunity to largest Dairy-entrepreneurs around the world, thus creating the white revolutions by Indian dairy sector-who are small and marginal farmers.
  • Some of the innovative Agri-entrepreneurs have embraced value-added Agri-products, providing Agri-tech services, rental business of farm equipment, Agri/Eco-tourism, Processed forest-based products, both directly also through Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Farmers Producers՚ Organizations (FPOs) .
  • According to Indian Agriculture Ministry 234 more startups in the agriculture and allied sectors with a sum of ₹ 24.85 crore under a central scheme shall be funded in the current fiscal year.
  • The government is promoting innovation and Agri-preneurship by providing financial support and nurturing the incubation ecosystem under the Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) .
  • A total of 346 startups in the Agriculture and allied sectors are being funded with a sum of ₹ 36.71 crore in this phase.


  • Enable and nurture the local ecosystem for Agri-business and Agro MSMEs in cluster-based approach.
  • Facilitating the Agri-entrepreneurs can create local employment, enhance income generation and rural empowerment systems for integrated and inclusive development.
  • Agri-entrepreneurship will certainly contribute to localized employment.
  • Many domestic and international suppliers will be created by encouraging Agri-entrepreneurship and organized business models by harnessing e-commerce systems.
  • Import substitution can be strengthened.
  • Inclusive pattern of sustainable growth of agro MSMEs sector will build an ecosystem to enhance their skills to meet their livelihood needs.
  • Agro MSMEs policy is going to act as the game changer in the economic sustainability of rural economy and Indian economy in general.
  • Agri-enterprises can focus on farm production, while Agro MSMEs can devote resources on processing, packing, and marketing of Agri-processed products.
  • The health-conscious New-Gen Indians are target customers for the farm fresh produce to fresh food.
  • Consumable farm produce could be the new oil for trading be siding investing and holding attractive business propositions trading.

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