New India – Manthan: PM’S Call to All District Collectors for Sankalp Se Siddhi (Download PDF)

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The Prime Minister addressed district collectors on the theme “New India - Manthan” on the occasion of 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement for working at the grassroots level. Prime Minister said that district collectors are young and capable and should make resolutions for New India of 2022, for their district. He expressed confidence that their resolutions would be achieved, and lead the country to new heights of achievement.

New India Mission 2022
  • August 9th intrinsically linked with “Sankalp se Siddhi” or “Achievement through Resolve” symbolizing willpower and ambition with senior leaders of freedom movement arrested at the beginning of the Quit India Movement youth successfully carried the movement forward.
  • Government asking each individual, each family, each organization for certain goals to be accomplished by 2022.
  • As district representatives, collectors to decide where to take their districts in 2022- overcoming deficiencies, and ensuring services.
  • Districts lagging in basic services such as electricity, water, education and health are a priority, with development of 100 most backward districts giving big boost to the overall development of the country.
  • Encourage replication by scaling up of best practices from districts where good results achieved in a particular field or scheme.
  • Collectors should seek help from colleagues, intellectuals, and students to prepare a vision document or resolution document before 15th of August including 10 or 15 objectives to be achieved by 2022.
  • New website www.newindia. in contains information and activities related to the ‘Sankalp Se Sidhhi’ movement- carry this movement forward in the districts.
  • New India website contains online quiz on the freedom struggle, and comprehensive calendar of events on ‘Sankalp Se Sidhhi’ movement.
  • Development work in a district like a relay race with baton passed from one athlete to the next with the ultimate objective of winning the race- development baton passed on from one collector to the next.
  • Many times schemes fail to have the desired impact because of lack of awareness- collectors should spread the benefit of initiatives such as LED bulbs, BHIM App etc.
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan dependent upon a responsive administration, and awareness among people- real change can only come through public participation.
  • Collectors should go beyond files- to the field and understand ground realities, like condition of health services.
  • Collectors should explain traders about “Good and Simple Tax” and ensure each trader is registered under GST.
  • Avail Government e-marketplace for all procurement.
  • Ultimate goal of governance to improve the lives of the poorest of the poor- collectors should do something to change the lives of the poor.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 28, 2017


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