New frog species named ‘Indirana Salelkari’ discovered in Goa (Download PDF)


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About New species of Frog: Wildlife researchers have discovered new frog species in Netravali forest sanctuary of Goa. The discovered species has been named as ‘Indirana Salelkari’ after Netravali Range Forest Officer Prakash Salelkar for his contribution to conservation of wildlife.

Image of Indirana Salelkari

Image of Indirana Salelkari

Discovered at Goa Coast in India

  • It was discovered by team of researchers Nikhil Modak, Ninad Gosavi, Neelesh Dahanukar and Anand D Padhye.

About Indirana Salelkari:

  • Indirana Salelkari has famous combination of morphological and natively characters which are different from other known species of the category.
  • They belong to species of caecilians which are called as legless amphibians.
  • Its habitat is generally occupied in nearby riparian habitats of Goa’s Netravali forest sanctuary.

About other seven frog species:

  • Seven new species of tiny frog have been discovered on seven different mountains in SE Brazil.
  • In SE Brazil , there are cloud forests and it has a unique environment, separated by warmer valleys that separate the mountains like islands.
  • Separation has produced 21 known species of “ Brachycephalus frog” and the new research will increase that count to 28.
  • This species are less than 1cm long and they have colorful, venomous skin to help them of danger from other.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 4, 2015


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