Novel on Arunachal Pradesh’S Tribe “Apatani” Wins MM Bennetts Award (Download PDF)


“Into the Hidden Valley” the Arunachal Pradesh’s Apatani tribe based Novel has won the 2016 MM Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction in the United Kingdom which was authored by Stuart Blackburn.

  • In this regard Stuart Blackburn was honored with this award at the HNS Conference in Oxford of his outstanding discovery.
  • The novel is all about the Apatani tribe time in British India. The book covers Apatanis and portrays impact of British colonialism.
  • The novel includes two stories, one is on the view of a British official and the other is of a tribesman.

About Stuart Blackburn

Image of Stuart Blackburn

Image of Stuart Blackburn

Image of Stuart Blackburn

  • He is writer form Providence, Rhode Island.
  • His most of the books written or edited on Indian culture and folklore, mainly in south India and northeast India.
  • Murder in Melur was his first novel which is story of set in south India.
  • He also wrote abook on study of shadow puppet theatre in Kerala and which had had won the runner-up prize for the UK Folklore Book of the Year.
  • He had earned his doctorate (PhD) in Tamil language and had completed international folklore from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1980.

About MM Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction

  • The prestigious literary award was named after the great writer-historian MM Bennetts.
  • He was the best known writer of 19th century, he most of the books are based on British history and Napoleonic wars.
  • He was also a French translator.
  • He also had work as book critic for the Pulitzer-prize winning newspaper, ‘The Christian Science Monitor’.

About Apatani tribal:

  • The Apatani tribal are living in the Ziro valley in the Lower Subansiri, Arunachal Pradesh in India.
Location of Apatani tribal

Location of Apatani Tribal

Location of Apatani tribal

  • They are well known for wet rice cultivation system and their wide agriculture system without using any farm animals or machines.
  • They have very high productivity and most unique way of preserving the ecology which gave the unique identity.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 9, 2016


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