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The United Nations’ (UN) World Television Day is annually observed largely on November 21. The day recognizes television’s role in presenting issue that affect people. On December 17th , 1996, UN General Assembly proclaimed November 21st as World Television Day commemorating the first World Television Forum held earlier that year.

Image of World Television Day

Image of World Television Day

Image of World Television Day


  • UN invited all member states to encourage global exchanges of television programs focusing on critical issues such as peace, security, economic and social development, and cultural change enhancements.
  • Renew governments, organizations’, and individual commitments to towards development of television media in providing unbiased information about important social issues.
  • Recognize efficacy of television as a mass media instrument, delivering news and education within minutes or even seconds in any part of the world.

How to Celebrate

  • News about World Television Day should be shared via print, online, and broadcast media.
  • Television and radio bloggers invited to write comments, editors may write columns, and writers, academics and journalists may write feature articles marking this day.
  • Educational institutions should use World Television Day as an opportunity to invite guest speakers discussing media and communication issues relating to television.
  • Discussion topics include following:

    • How television promotes cultural diversity and a common understanding.
    • Links between democracy and television.
    • Role of television in social, political, and economic developments.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 21, 2016

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