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The first state of India to give transgender people social welfare benefits Viz. a housing, pension and food grains is Odisha with this the people of transgender community who is living below the poverty will gets benefits to improve their overall social and economic status.

Benefits to transgender community:

  • Members of the transgender community will get BPL cards using which they can access benefits under various government welfare programmes.
  • Henceforth they will get profits such as free housing, pension’s loans to start up their own businesses and 100 days of paid work annually.
  • They will also get 5 kg of food grains every month under National Food Security Act.

Issues tackled by transgender community

  • Most transgender people are in very bad social and economic conditions due to social prohibition.
  • Many of them face exclusion and judgment and also verbal, physical and sexual abuse.
  • They also have face Lake of access to education and employment opportunities, ending up into organized groups, compulsory begging or hard money.

Supreme Court Judgment

  • In April 2014 Supreme Court had recognized transgender as an authorized third gender and called on the government to confirm their equal management in a landmark judgment.
  • The apex court had recognized them as a marginalized group and focused government consultants to device policies and systems to expand their socio-economic status.
  • It also had directed government to focus on all identity documents must recognize the third gender and committed number of public sector jobs, seats in schools and colleges must be owed to third-gender applicants.

About transgender:

  • Transgender are those people who experience a mismatch between their gender identity, or gender expression, and their assigned sex.
  • They are also recognized as transsexual if they want medical help to transition from one sex to another.
  • The people whose gender identity is the opposite of their allocated sex (trans men and trans women) is called transgender.
  • It also includes people who are not completely manly or womanly.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 6, 2016

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