Odisha Government Launches Baristha Bunakar Sahayata Yojana (Download PDF)

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Odisha government launched a Baristha Bunakar Sahayata Yojana for a special assistance scheme for elderly weavers to mark the second National Handlooms Day. This scheme has been launched by Naveen Patnaik CM of Odisha.

Odisha Government Launched a Baristha Bunakar Sahayata Yojana

Objective of scheme:

  • The aim of this scheme is to providing financial assistance to the elderly weavers in the state.
  • it՚s also aims to improving the financial condition of above 8,000 weavers in the state.


  • Baristha Bunakar Sahayata Yojana is a pension scheme for weaver community in the state.
  • On the occasion of National Handloom Day state government provides ₹ 500 pension to the weavers.
  • This person have attended 80 year of age would get ₹ . 700 pension per month.
  • Pension would be directly transferred to the weaver՚s bank account.
  • Some handloom products of Odisha includes:
    • Tie and dye
    • Sambalpuri
    • Khandua
    • Berhampuri Pata
    • Aktapar sari
    • Maniabandha
    • Bomkai
    • Others
  • For the weaver community state government introduced several welfare programmes.
  • In this field 8000 weavers working in the state.
  • Thus, about 8,000 weavers would be covered under the scheme though government would allot ₹ 5 crore annually to implement the scheme.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 9, 2016

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