On 2016 Global Peace Index India Secured 141st Position (Download PDF)

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India has secured 141st spot in a Global Peace Index (GPI) for year 2016 out of 163 countries and which describe India is a less peaceful country. The by global think Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has ranked 163 countries on bases of GPI.

  • Previously in 2015 GPI India has secured 143rd rank and this year it moves up by two positions.

Key facts from 2016 Global Peace Index

  • Top 10 peaceful countries:
  1. Iceland
  2. Denmark
  3. Austria
  4. New Zealand
  5. Portugal
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Switzerland
  8. Canada
  9. Japan
  10. Slovenia
  • Top least peaceful countries:
  1. Libya at 154th
  2. Sudan at 155th
  3. Ukraine at 156th
  4. Central African Republic at 157th
  5. Yemen at 158th
  6. Somalia at 159th
  7. Afghanistan at 160th
  8. Iraq at 161st
  9. South Sudan at 162nd
  10. Syria at 163rd
  • India՚s neighbors:
  1. Bhutan at 13th
  2. Nepal at 78th
  3. Bangladesh at 83rd
  4. Sri Lanka at 97th
  5. China at 120th
  6. Pakistan at 153rd
  • The economic influence of violence on the global economy was nearby US 13.6 trillion dollars in year 2016 with 13.3 % of gross world product.
  • This year world became a less peaceful largely on account of increased terrorism and advanced levels of political instability.

About Global Peace Index (GPI)

  • The Sydney (Australia) based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) published GPI report annually since 2007.
  • It uses 22 pointers to measure levels of world peace.
  • Indicators range from a nation՚s level of military expenditure to its relations with neighboring countries and the percentage of prison population is less in 162 countries.
  • It also comprises safety and security in society, extent of domestic and international conflict.
  • The IEP is an international and self-governing think tank committed to draw the world՚s attention towards reconciliation as a positive, achievable, and tangible degree of human well-being and development.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 13, 2016

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