On BCCI reforms, recommendations of Justice Lodha Committee


With reform suggestions in the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Justice RM Lodha Committee has submitted its report to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has appointed this committee in 2014 to make recommendations to the BCCI in order in order to prevent frauds and conflict of interest in cricket administration.

Recommendations of Committee

  • Governing Bodies: For Indian Premier League (IPL) and BCCI they should be different, with limited autonomy for the IPL Governing Council.
  • BCCI office-bearer: No any Minister or any government servant should become a BCCI office-bearer.
  • BCCI office-bearer’s tenure: It should not allow more than two consecutive terms, and no one can hold two posts at the same time.
  • Membership: is only given to those states that have representing team. And each state only allowed having only one vote.
  • Zones: The zones should be for the purpose of tournaments and not for the governance of the BCCI and its committees.
  • State Associations: There should be regularity of structure in the organization and functioning of state associations on the lines of BCCI.
  • Management: The BCCI management businesses will be done by professionals led by Chief executive officer (CEO).
  • Players Associations: It should be designed for the international and first class levels. It should be for both men and women teams.
  • Player’s ethics: BCCI should organize awareness programmes for the players.
  • Players Agents: must have to register under the BCCI and players association norms.
  • Betting and match-fixing: Betting should be legal and match fixing should be made criminal offence.
  • Conflict of Interest: To avoid fights it should be handled with the norms placed down by an ethics officer.
  • The Electoral Officer and Ombudsman: The duty of electoral officer is to oversee the election process, while the ombudsman to resolve grievances.
  • Functioning and Transparency: For transparency functioning purpose all details and rues of BCCI must be uploaded on the website on BCCI.
  • Supervision of Expenses: It will be conducted by an independent auditor.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 8, 2016