105,630 Govt Schools in India Have Just One Teacher (Download PDF)

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The number of government elementary and secondary schools in India which are run by a single teacher. According to the Parliament 105,630 government schools have a just one teacher in India.

Key Details:

  • As per the RTE guidelines there has to be one teacher for every 30 to 35 students in schools.
  • Government thrown some shocking statistics related with education scenario in India.
  • Many schools have single teacher in the India.
  • Madhya Pradesh has the highest number single teacher schools in India. In Madhya Pradesh 17,874 schools have just one teacher each.
  • When Uttar Pradesh has the second highest number single teacher school in India. In Uttar Pradesh 17,602 schools have just one teacher each.
  • According to the annual report 2014 - 15 of the HRD ministry some state and UTs name, In thisstate and UTs school has single teacher such as:
Name of Some State and UTs School Has Single Teacher
  • In Gurgaon 41 primary and middle schools are one-person wonders with teachers doubling up as administrators, clerks, caretakers, keepers, midday meal servers, nurses and sundry crisis managers.
  • The report was based on recent UDISE (unified district information for school education) survey.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 10, 2016


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