Oxford Dictionary Adds Words Ride-Share, Unboxing, Bioprinting and Vishing Related to Technology (Download PDF)

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Oxford dictionary has added four words in the field of technology. These words are ride-share, unboxing, bioprinting and vishing which related to Technology in the new list. The meaning of these words are explained below:

  1. Meaning of Ride-share - an arrangement of in participation which a traveler travels in a private vehicle driven by its owner but for free or especially as arranged by means of a website or app.
  2. Bioprinting- The use of 3D printing technology with materials that incorporate viable living cells.
  3. Unboxing- An act or instance of removing a newly purchased product from its packaging and examining its features, typically when filmed and shared on a social media site.
  4. Vishing- It is like phishing, but by using phone calls or voice messages instead of emails to trick people in revealing case sensitive information.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 3, 2015

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