PM Modi to Launch Mission Bhagiratha (Download PDF)

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched ‘Mission Bhagiratha’ . It has been inaugurate a massive 40,000-crore Telangana state water grid. Telangana state Chief Minister is K. Chandrashekar Rao.

Telangana State Chief Minister and India՚s Prime Minister

Objective of Mission Bhagiratha:

  • Mission Bhagiratha is to provide 100 liters of clean drinking water per person in rural households and 150 liters per person in urban households.
  • Project objective is to provide water about 25,000 rural habitations and 67 urban habitations.

Key Details:

  • In this mission through the pipeline 67 thousand households of the Gajwel Assembly constituency will get safe drinking water at Komatibanda, Gajwel in Medak district.
  • Project costed ₹ 60 crore. Water was raised from Lower Manair Dam.
  • It supplied to all households in about 180 villages in Siddipet constituency.
  • Telangana state Water Grid depends on water resources available from the rivers flowing through the stat like:
    • Krishna
    • Godavari
  • Project has been authorized over ₹ 790 crore. In this project initially water will not be charged.
  • Government will meet with villagers and fix a rate only after arriving at unanimity with them.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 8, 2016


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