Padma Award Selection Process Transformed- Common People Being Honoured (Download PDF)

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Prime Minister said that the government has transformed the process for selecting Padma award winners. Identity of the awardee is not the deciding factor of the award, rather the importance of his/her work is increasing.

Padma award winners Image

Padma Award Winners Image

Padma award winners Image

  • Awards now bestowed on people “who do not live in big cities and are not visible in newspapers and TV”.

  • Making the process online has led to the transparency of awards.

  • People were being honoured without a recommendation.

Awardees from Among the Common Man

The Prime Minster spoke about

  • Lakshmikutty, a tribal woman from Kerala who prepares herbal medicines.

  • Arvind Gupta, an IIT Kanpur alumnus who inspired generations of students to learn science from trash.

He said that society should also go beyond these awards and make efforts to recognise people working selflessly.

Prime Minister on Women Empowerment

The Prime Minister spoke about

  • Kalpana Chawla whose death anniversary was on Feb 1 gave the message of woman empowerment.

  • Women’s achievements and place in society in ancient India had surprised the world- ‘one daughter was equal to 10 sons’.

  • Women are playing a significant role in the positive changes happening in the country.

Examples of Women Empowerment in India?

He gave examples of

  • Woman e-rickshaw drivers working in a naxalite-hit district of Chhattisgarh, saying they were helping transform the troubled region.

  • The Matunga Railway Station in Mumbai which had an all-woman staff.

  • The world’s longest human chain of 13,000 km formed in Bihar against dowry and child marriage and said it was imperative that society rid of such ills.

Map of Women Empowerment in India

Map of Women Empowerment in India

Map of Women Empowerment in India

Which Freedom Fighter Did He Recall in His Speech?

  • He recalled Mahatma Gandhi, whose death anniversary is on January 30, and said his path of peace and non-violence was applicable to all, just as his ideals were as relevant as ever.

What is Mann Ki Batt Programme?

  • Mann Ki Baat is an Indian radio programme hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he addresses the people of the nation on All India Radio, DD National and DD News.

  • He is usually expected to address the nation every month on All India Radio.

  • It was officially started on and from 3rd October 2014

  • The programme aims to deliver the Prime Minister’s voice to the general masses of India.

  • Since television connection is still not available everywhere in India, especially in the isolated, rural and less developed regions, radio was chosen to be the medium for the programme, owing to its wider reach.

  • An estimated 90 % of the total Indian population is reachable over the medium; additionally, various private FM radio stations in the metropolitan cities of India are allowed to broadcast a recording of the show.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 1, 2018

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