Pakistan Parliament Becomes First Fully Solar Based Power Parliament in the World


Pakistan’s Parliament is world’s first parliament who entirely runs on solar power. It is located at national capital Islamabad. Key facts: Pakistan’s close supporter and strategic partner China has support in this project.

  • This project was officially announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to Pakistan at the Parliament in India.
  • Earlier in 2014 Chinese government has talk about this project as an act of friendship with financial support of 55 million dollars.
  • These solar panels have capacity of 80 Mega Watts (MW) and from which 62 MW is enough for it and remaining 18 MW will be connected to national grid.
  • After Independent Pakistan since 1947 for first the parliament became self-sufficient in electricity through solar power.

About Parliament of Pakistan:

  • Officially it is labeled as Majlis-e-Shoora in Urdu.
  • It is the central and supreme judicial body of Pakistan.
  • It is a two-tier legislature which includes: The Senate (upper house) and The National Assembly (lower houses).

- Published/Last Modified on: February 24, 2016