Pakistani Urdu novelist Abdullah Hussain passed away (Download PDF)

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Abdullah Hussain who was Pakistani Urdu novelist passed away in Lahore due to blood cancer at the age of 84 on 6th July 2015. Abdullah Hussain had received worldwide fame after the publication of his masterpiece Urdu novel and greatest contemporary works of Urdu fiction Udas Naslain in 1964.

  1. UNESCO had published a translation of this novel (Udas Naslain) called The Weary Generations.
  2. Abdullah Hussain was born on August 14,1931 in Gujrat district in Punjab Province of Pakistan. His child hood name was as Mohammad Khan.
  3. Mohammad Khan was received many awards and honoure with Adamjee Award, Prime Minister’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015. His other famous novels are Baagh, Nadaar Loag and short stories Nashaib and Faraib.
  4. Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Chairman Dr Qasim Bhageyo told that PAL had awarded Hussain Pakistan’s most prestigious literary award, the “Kamaal-e-Fun” this year.

- Published/Last Modified on: July 9, 2015

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