Pawan Chamling CM of Sikkim Honored with Nepal’S Literary Award (Download PDF)

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Sikkim Chief Minister Pawan Chamling was honored with the Yug Kavi Siddhicharan Award which is one of the Nepal՚s prestigious literary award. Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli has honored him with this award for his commendable contributions in encouraging Nepali literature in India.

Pawan Chamling
  • Siddhicharan Shrestha Academy has organized the award ceremony on the occasion of 105th birth anniversary of the late poet Shrestha.
  • Yug Kavi Siddhicharan Award carries a certificate of appreciation and a sum of 100,000 Nepali Rupees.

About Pawan Chamling:

  • He was born on 22nd September 1950 in Yangang, Sikkim.
  • Chamling is the founder president of the Sikkim Democratic Front and he is governing the state since 1994 for five successive terms.
  • He is also the longest standing Chief Ministers of India who has won the legislative assembly elections for 5 terms in a row and will be finishing 25 years of governance by the next legislative elections, (2019) making a political history in India.
  • Apart from this he also has author many books in Nepali, English and Hindi and also a publisher.
  • The Sikkim Sahitya Parishad was awarded to him for the best poem Chintan Puraskar two times in 1987 and Bhanu Puraskar in 2010.
  • His other works in Nepali contain:
  1. Prarambhik Kavita in 1978
  2. Antyaheen Sapana: Mero Bipana in 1985
  3. Ma Ko Hoon! in 1992
  4. Sikkim ra Nariko Maryada

About Kavi Siddhicharan:

  • Siddhi Charan Shrestha was born on 21st May 1912.
  • He was one of the most prominent writers of Nepal.
  • He contributed to the struggle against the repressive Rana regime (1846 - 1951) through his writings.
  • His innovative poetry awakened freedom fighters, and he was condemned to 18 years in jail for his literary activities.
  • His poem “My beloved Okhaldhunga” in Nepali is measured as one of his masterpieces. In which he has expressed how proud he is to describe the place Okhaldhungain eastern Nepal, where he was born and grew up.
  • He had taken his last breath on 4th June 1992.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 24, 2016


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