Peter Gay Eminent American historian on European Thought passed away [ Current News (Concise) ]


Eminent American historians of European, Peter Gay passed away at Manhattan in New York City, USA at the age 91. Peter Gay known for his groundbreaking books on Enlightenment, the Victorian middle classes, Sigmund Freud, Weimar culture and the cultural situation of Jews in Germany.

Peter Gay was born in German and he worked as the Sterling Professor of History Emeritus at the prestigious Yale University.

From 1997 and 2003, Gay was a former director of the New York Public Library’s Center for Scholars and Writers.

Peter Gay had written as Voltaire’s Politics. These are-

  1. The Poet as Realist (1959)
  2. The Enlightenment
  3. An Interpretation
  4. The Rise of Modern Paganism (1966)
  5. The Bridge of Criticism
  6. Dialogues on the Enlightenment (1970)
  7. Reading Freud: Explorations and Entertainments (1990)
  8. Mozart (1999)

Peter Gay received numerous awards and honour. These are

  1. National Book Award (1966)
  2. the A.H. Heineken Prize (1990)
  3. American Historical Association Award for Scholarly Distinction (2004)

- Published/Last Modified on: May 18, 2015