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Non-Biodegradable plastic waste is one of the biggest threats to the environment and human health. To tackle the challenges of plastic waste the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway converting plastic waste with the Bitumen to build green, all-weather sustainable roads and Highways across the nation. IRC: SP: 98: 2013 provides guidelines for this initiative.

Advantages of Plastic Wastes

Advantages of Plastic Wastes

Advantages of Plastic Wastes


  • Plastics can be classified into two categories; these are thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics.

  • Thermosetting plastic cannot be remodeled once they shaped.

  • Thermoplastics can be remodeled by applying heat and pressure can change the desired shape with solidifying and cooling them.

  • Four types of thermoplastics can be used in the construction of roads they are High-Density Poly Ethylene, Low-Density Poly Ethylene, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and Polyurethane.

  • Adding 6 - 8 % of plastic waste to the bitumen aggregate hot mix can improve stability, strength, increase the lifespan of roads and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Molten plastic is a good binder, Bitumen and plastic binding is stronger than others.

  • Hot aggregate, shredded plastic and hot Bitumen will mix at 140°C-175°C of temperature for the construction of roads.

  • Plastic and Bitumen have good diffusion characteristics, it allows them to mix well and stick to the surface of the stone aggregates.

  • Since 2015 there is a mandate to use Bitumen with plastic for the roads of 50 kilometers Periphery of urban areas with over 5 lakh people.

  • 10 kilometer pilot stretches in every state.

  • Nodal officers also deployed across the country

  • The Swachhta Hi Seva campaign has been launched with an action plan to tackle plastic waste.


  • Two-lane Road uses two tonnes of plastic waste per kilometer.

  • Plastic roads are environmentally friendly; they help in reducing plastic waste.

  • Plastics are water resistance, so the roads which are made with Plastic are more resistant to water.

  • plastic roads have increased durability

  • They have improved fatigue life.

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