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Policy on Promotion of City Compost has been officially permitted by the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to this policy, mixing compost produced from city waste will use in farming and agriculture.

Key features of Policy

  • Facility of Rs. 1500 per ton has added for Market development assistance of city for growing manufacture and consumption of City Compost
  • And it will be lower MRP of city compost as depends on Market development assistance and it will be beneficial for farmers.
  • To, Eco-Mark standard is become compulsory to confirm environment friendly quality city compost.
  • Fertilizer companies will also approach City Compost along with chemical fertilizers and these companies will adopt villages for encouraging the use of compost.
  • In Public Sector activities and Government Departments has to compulsory use City Compost for gardening purpose.
  • To spread alertness in farmers about benefits of city compost, Concerned Ministries will form campaign.
  • And in demonstration activities connected to use of City compost Agriculture Universities and other departments will also take part.
  • The existing fertilizer companies will do promotion and marketing of city compost at this initial phase.


  • Composting is process of recycling of organic matter or waste into useful fertilizers for soil. And it is obtained from city garbage will provide primary and secondary nutrients to soil improving its productivity.
  • It will play essential role in municipal waste management and in keeping city clean and also generate income from the waste.
  • Due to this new employment opportunities will also came for urban areas.
  • Also avoid the manufacture of harmful greenhouse gases (GHGs) particularly methane (CH4) and toxic material.
  • So it will be very beneficial for keeping environment and groundwater clean.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 21, 2016

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