Post Covid India-Re-Emerging Green and Global Cases and COVID-19 in India (Download PDF)

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Post Covid India-Re-Emerging Green

  • Unprecedented global distress.
  • Climate change threatens greater impacts.
  • Risk of short-sighted economic recovery being fueled primarily by fossil fuels.

Global Cases and COVID-19 in India

  • Total no. of people infected worldwide rose to 5,089, 615 in 213 (Till May 21,2020) countries and territories.
  • A total of 329,724 have died.
  • In India the total no. of COVID patients was 106,750 on May 20,2020
  • Over 61,149 active cases.
  • 41,289 cured/migrated patients.
  • 3,303 deaths.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 26, 2020

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