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India’s fastest and first multi-petaflops (PF) supercomputer named Pratyush was unveiled at Pune-based Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM). The supercomputer has been named as ‘Pratyush’ meaning Sun.

Image of Pratyush: India’s fastest supercomputer unveiled

Image of Pratyush: India’s Fastest Supercomputer Unveiled

Image of Pratyush: India’s fastest supercomputer unveiled

How will Pratyush help India?

It will help India with better forecasts in terms of

  • Monsoon

  • extreme events

  • cyclones

  • tsunamis

  • earthquakes

  • air quality

  • lightning

  • fishing

  • hot and cold waves

  • flood

  • drought among others

    • It is part of Similipal-Kuldiha-Hadgarh Elephant Reserve popularly known as Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve.

    • Simlipal National Park derives its name from the abundance of semul (red silk cotton trees) that bloom in the park.

    • It was the second largest national park in India.

    • Its reserve is part of UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2009.

    • The park has protected area of 845.70 square kilometres and has some beautiful waterfalls like Joranda and Barehipani.

    • It is home to 99 royal Bengal tigers and 432 wild elephants.

    • Besides it is famous for gaurs (Indian bison), chausingha as well as an orchidarium.


  • The machines will be installed at two government institutes: 4.0 petaflops HPC facility at IITM, Pune; and 2.8 petaflops facility at the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast, Noida.

What is a Petaflop?

  • One petaflop is a million billion floating point operations per second and is a reflection of the computing capacity of a system.

Key facts about Pratyush

  • Pratyush is the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world dedicated for weather and climate research.

  • It follows machines in Japan, USA, and the United Kingdom.

  • It will also move an Indian supercomputer from the 300s to the 30s in the Top-500 list, a respected international tracker of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

  • With the new system, it would be possible to map regions in India at a resolution of 3 km and the globe at 12 km

  • A key function of the machine’s computing power would be monsoon forecasting using a dynamical model.


  • The government had sanctioned ₹400 crore last year to put in place a 10-petaflop machine.
Image of Top Five fastest supercomputers of the world

Image of Top Five Fastest Supercomputers of the World

Image of Top Five fastest supercomputers of the world

- Published/Last Modified on: March 15, 2018

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