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Mughal gardens of the Rashtrapati Bhavan opened for the public after the inauguration by President Ram Nath Kovind on 5th Feb from February 6 to March 9. Visitors will also would be able to see other gardens including the Circular, Spiritual, Herbal, Bonsai, Tactile, and Musical gardens.

Image of Mughal gardens

Image of Mughal Gardens

Image of Mughal gardens

Key Facts About Mughal Gardens

  • The Rashtrapati Bhavan is located in 130-hectare (320 acre) President Estate.

  • The estate includes the huge presidential gardens- Mughal Gardens.

  • Mughal Gardens situated at the back of the Rashtrapati Bhavan, incorporate both Mughal and English landscaping styles and feature a great variety of flowers.

  • Mughal gardens are a group of gardens built by the Mughalsin the Persian style of architecture- style heavily influenced by the Persian gardens particularly the Charbagh structure which use rectilinear layouts within the walled enclosures were made.

  • Some of the typical features include pools, fountains and canals inside the gardens.

  • The Rashtrapati Bhavan gardens are open to the public in February every year.

Attractions of The Garden

  • Six lotus shaped fountains at the crossings of the two channels. The fountains rise a height of 12 feet create soothing murmur.

  • More than 250 celebrated varieties of roses make it one of the best Rose Gardens in the world with rare green rose.

  • Peacock with their consorts can be seen leisurely moving around in the evenings.

  • Lawns are covered by ‘Doob’ grass originally brought from Belvedere Estate, Calcutta when they were initially laid.

  • This garden derives its evergreen texture from Moulsri, Putranjiva Roxburgi, Cypress, Thuja Orientalis and China Orange trees, rose shrubs and a variety of climbers.

  • Collection of Bonsais is one of the best in the country.

  • 15 evergreen fragrant shrubs and creepers planted along the terrace walls.

  • China Oranges alternate with Cypresses line the pavement and give a touch of formality.

Attractions of Udyanotsav 2018

  • 10, 000 Tulip bulbs in eight varieties of different colours – all imported from the Netherlands – are major attraction of the gardens.

  • Flower carpets in magnificent designs will be on display in the Central Lawn.

  • Lotus pond - with a cascading waterfall - in the Spiritual Garden

- Published/Last Modified on: March 30, 2018


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