Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Seychelles


PM of India Narendra Modi visited Seychelles from 10 March and 11 March 2015 and PM Modi became the first Prime Minister of India to visit Seychelles in 34 long years. President of Seychelles James Michel received PM of India Modi at the Seychelles International Airport. During this visit, India and Seychelles signed four agreements. These agreements are-

  1. Cooperation in hydrograph
  2. Cooperation in renewable energy
  3. Cooperation in Infrastructure development
  4. Cooperation in Sale of navigation charts and electronic navigational charts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the State House and signed the Visitors Book on 11 March 2015. Seychelles and India also singed the cooperation of Plaque and Operationalisation of Radar for the CSRS.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 19, 2015