Prioritizing Economic Empowerment of Women (Download PDF)

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Prioritizing Economic Empowerment of Women

  • Realizing women potential by ensuring gender equality and justice across the socioeconomic milieu.
  • Cross-sectional interventions to break the glass barrier in the economy.
  • The government has undertaken multifaceted interventions to ensure economic empowerment of women.
  • Categorization of multifaceted interventions:
    • Societal
    • Educational
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Interventions

Different Schemes Underlining Interventions

Societal Interventions

  • To combat entrenched patriarchy and social norms.
  • To create an unequal opportunity structure for women in the economy.

Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2017

  • To ensure distributive justice as well as to encourage economic engagement of women.
  • An amendment act increased the duration of paid maternity leave available for women from the existing 12 weeks to 26 weeks.
  • Introduction of an enabling provision relating to “work from home” for women and also made crèche facility mandatory for every establishment employing 50 or more employees.

SHe Box

  • Sexual Harassment electronic Box (SHe-Box) .
  • To facilitate action against any form of sexual harassment at work.
  • Would disincentivise women from participating in the economy, Parliament had enacted Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013.
  • To ensure access to Redressal.
  • To provide a single window access to every woman for registration of complaint related to sexual harassment.
  • The complaint on submission is directly sent to the concerned authority having jurisdiction to take action into the matter.

One Stop Centre

  • Envisaged for establishing a single integrated platform across the country.
  • To provide holistic support and assistance under one roof to women affected by violence, both in private and public spaces.
  • To support women affected by any form of violence, in private and public spaces, within the family, community and at the workplace.
  • Aggrieved women reaching out or have been referred to the One Stop Centre will be provided with requisite specialized services.

Educational and Skilling Interventions

Pradhan Mantri Vidya Lakshmi Karyakram

  • A fully IT-based Student Financial Aid Authority.
  • To administer and monitor scholarship as well as educational loan scheme.
  • Students can view, apply and track the education loan applications to banks anytime, anywhere by accessing the portal.
  • This portal also provides linkages to National Scholarship Portal.

The Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students

  • To provide financial assistance to meritorious students from low income families.
  • To meet a part of their day-to-day expenses while pursuing higher studies.
  • The scholarships are awarded on the basis of the results of Senior Secondary Examination.
  • About 50 % of the 82000 scholarships target are earmarked for girls.
  • The scholarship is ₹ 10000/- per annum.
  • Graduation level - For first three years of College and University courses and ₹ 20000/- per annum at Post-Graduation level.
  • Students pursuing professional courses are paid ₹ 20,000/- per annum in the 4th and 5th year.

Post Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Child

  • Introduced by University Grants Commission.
  • To compensate direct costs of girl education especially for girls who happen to be the only girl child in their family.
  • A fellowship of ₹ 3100 is available per month under this scheme.

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

  • A skill certification initiative.
  • To train youth in industry-relevant skills to enhance opportunities for livelihood creation and employability.
  • Individuals with prior learning experience or skills are also assessed and certified with a Recognition of Prior Learning.
  • Training and Assessment fees are entirely borne by the Government.
  • Close to 50 % of the candidates enrolled and trained under PMKVY are women.

Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women (STEP)

  • To train women with no access to formal skill training facilities, especially in rural India.
  • This initiative reaches out to all Indian women above 16 years of age.
  • Imparts skills in several sectors such as:
    • Agriculture
    • Horticulture
    • Food processing
    • Handlooms
    • Traditional crafts like embroidery
    • Travel and tourism
    • Hospitality
    • Computer and IT services

Entrepreneurial Interventions

  • Self-employment of women
  • To ensure women become wealth and job creators instead of being job seekers in the economy.
  • Focus on dealing with challenges such as poor access to funding and markets.
  • Bolstering the confidence of women to take on entrepreneurial risk.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

  • Government has provided credit up to 10 lakh to small entrepreneurs.
  • No need for collateral or a guarantor.
  • Women have made up 70 % of the beneficiaries under the scheme.
  • Over 15 crore loans have been disbursed to women borrowers, amounting to ₹ 4.78 lakh.

Stand-Up India

  • Facilitates loans between 10 lakh and 1 crore.
  • To at least one schedule caste/schedule tribe and one woman per bank branch for setting up a Greenfield enterprise.
  • If the credit is given to a non-individual entity, then 51 % shareholding must be held by SC/ST or woman entrepreneur.
  • An amount of ₹ 16712.72 crore has been sanctioned for women account holders.
  • 81 % of the beneficiaries under the scheme have been women.

Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK)

  • Provides loans to NGO-MFIs.
  • Termed as Intermediary Organizations (IMO) .
  • Lend to Self Help Groups (SHGs) of women.
  • Micro -credit is extended to women in the informal sector without collateral for income generation activities.
  • Ministry of Women and Child Development 2018 – 19 elucidates on the growing scale of the scheme.
  • The total loan disbursement in the last year has been ₹ 311 crores which has reached out to 740353 beneficiaries.

Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP)

  • A portal to enable women across India to realize their entrepreneurial aspiration.
  • Platform serves as an aggregator of information resources and services.
  • To offer services under various support areas:
    • Incubation
    • Acceleration
    • Entrepreneurship skilling
    • Marketing assistance
    • Funding and financial assistance
  • To initiate dialogues with various state governments.
  • To sensitize local stakeholders for building a conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.

Financial Security Interventions

Essential for the Government to build a plank of financial social security.

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

  • To comprehensively enhance formal financial inclusion in the country.
  • A National Mission for Financial Inclusion to ensure access to financial services namely:
    • Banking/Savings & Deposit Accounts
    • Remittance, Credit, Insurance
    • Pension in an affordable manner
  • Around 20 crore women Jan Dhan account holders will get a direct benefit transfer of ₹ 500 per month for three months starting from April 2020.

Atal Pension Yojana (APY)

  • A universal social security system for all Indians.
  • The poor and the under privileged.
  • By offering guaranteed minimum monthly pension of ₹ 1000 to ₹ 5000 after the age of 60 years.
  • Scheme is open for subscription through Banks and Post Offices on an ongoing basis.
  • More than 93 lakh subscribers viz 43 % out of a total of around 2.15 crore subscribers are women.

Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY)

  • To create a social security system for the poor and underprivileged.
  • Age group of 18 – 50 years.
  • Providing a renewable life insurance cover of ₹ 2 lakh with a premium of just ₹ 330.
  • 40.70 percent enrolments are of women members.
  • 58.21 percent of claim beneficiaries are women.

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)

  • To provide affordable insurance scheme for the poor and underprivileged people.
  • Age group of 18 to 70 years.
  • A bank account at a premium of ₹ 12 per annum.
  • Coverage of ₹ 2 lakh for accidental death and full disability.
  • ₹ 1 lakh for partial disability.
  • 41.50 % enrolments are of women members.
  • 61.29 % of claim beneficiaries have been women providing them with the much-needed support.

The Women, Business and Law Report 2020

  • Released by the World Bank Group.
  • The study examined laws and regulations affecting women՚s economic opportunities across 190 economies.
  • India has taken the top spot in the South Asian region gaining 4 % year-on-year.
  • With a score of 74.4 out of 100 and was placed 117th out of 190 countries.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 7, 2020

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