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M S Swaminathan, agricultural scientist and chairperson of the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation in Chennai declared that we should acknowledge this unique contribution by naming the Silent Valley Biosphere Reserve ‘Prof M G K Menon Biosphere Reserve.’

MGK Menon was a scientist’s scientist who provided the base for the scientific community for over five decades. He was the most active exponent of the concept of Nehru that “the future belongs to science and those who make friendship with science.”

About Prof. Menon

  • Prof Menon’s contribution to promoting relevance and excellence in science in our country is unparalleled.
  • He not only made great contributions in his chosen field of research, viz. Physics, but also promoted all other sciences, both theoretical and applied.
  • He made a unique contribution in saving the Silent Valley Rainforest of Kerala and helped to convert it into a biosphere reserve.
stopped hydroelectric project,saved evergreen forest in Kerala

Stopped Hydroelectric Project,saved Evergreen Forest in Kerala

stopped a hydroelectric project,saved a evergreen forest in Kerala

  • We should acknowledge this unique contribution by naming the Silent Valley Biosphere Reserve as ”Prof M G K Menon Biosphere Reserve“.
  • His concern was always the wellbeing of science and scientist in our country and internationally.
  • He gave his time generously to building Science Academies in order to make them serve as the voice of the scientists. His life and work will inspire and guide generations of young scientists and scientists to be born.

About Save Silent Valley Movement

  • Save Silent Valley was a social movement aimed at the protection of Silent Valley. It is evergreen tropical forest in the Palakkad district of Kerala in India.
  • It started in 1973 to save the Silent Valley Reserve Forest from flooded by a hydroelectric project.
  • The valley declared as Silent Valley National Park in 1984.
Silent Valley is home to lion-tailed macaque

Silent Valley is Home to Lion-tailed Macaque

Silent Valley is home to lion-tailed macaque


  • In 1982, a multidisciplinary committee with Prof. M. G. K. Menon as chairman and Madhav Gadgil, Dilip K. Biswas and others as members, was created to decide if the hydroelectric project was feasible without any significant ecological damage.
  • Early in 1983, Prof. Menon’s Committee submitted its report.
  • After a careful study of the Menon report, the Prime Minister of India decided to abandon the Project.
  • On 31 October 1984, Indira Gandhi was assassinated and on 15 November, the Silent Valley forest was declared as a national park, though the boundaries of the Silent Valley Park were limited and expert committees and scientists created no buffer zone, despite recommendations.

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