R.V. Easwar Committee is set up by Union government to simplify IT act provisions [ ]


Union Government has established a committee to streamline the provisions of the Income Tax Act (IT), 1961. Under the Chairmanship of former Delhi High Court Judge, Justice R. V. Easwar this committee came into action.

  • The other nine memebers are: VK. Bhasin, Vinod Jain, Rajiv Memani, Ravi Gupta, Mukesh Patel, Ajay Bahl, Pradip P. Shah, Arvind Modi, Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh.
  • It would be for a period of one year from the date of its constitution.

About the committee:

  • It studies and identifies the provisions in the IT Act, 1961 which are principal to lawsuit due to different explanations.
  • It sees the provisions which are impacting the ease of doing business.
  • It suggests the modifications and alternatives to the existing provisions.
  • It recommendations the committee will set up its own procedures for regulating its work.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 29, 2015