RBL: First Private Sector Bank of India to Open Dedicated Branch for Startups


The RBL Bank became India’s first private sector bank to open dedicated branch for startups. It was inaugurated at Koramangala, Bengaluru by noted entrepreneur and former chairman of UIDAI Nandan Nilekani.

Key facts:

  • The first exclusive bank branch of start-ups will compromise a bunch of banking products to service the end-to-end needs of the developing entrepreneurial eco-system.
  • The branch will support entrepreneurs to location up new enterprises or companies.
  • It will compromise them to host of banking products such as
  1. Foreign Exchange Services
  2. Remittances
  3. Cash Management
  • The Branch will also offer a range of value added services including legal and tax procedures, registration etc. over its affiliates and partners.

About RBL Bank

  • The RBL Bank is an arranged profitable bank which was established in 1943 and its headquartered is located at the Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
  • RBL is one of the eldest private sector banks in India.
  • The Bank presently facilities around 1 million customers and has a total business size of over 20, 000 Crore rupees.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 20, 2016