Ramayana & Krishna Circuits Approved by Union Government Under Swadesh Darshan Scheme


The Ramayana and Krishna Circuits has been approved by the Union Government under Swadesh Darshan Scheme of the Union Ministry of Tourism at the first meeting of National Committee on Ramayan Circuit and National Committee on Krishna Circuit which was chaired by Union Tourism and Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma.

Key facts

  • Ramayana Circuit: 11 tourist purposes spread across 6 states have been proposed under it and the covered destinations are:
  1. Uttar Pradesh: Ayodhya, Shringhverpur Nandigram and Chitrakoot
  2. Bihar: Sitamarhi, Buxar and Darbhanga
  3. Telangana: Bhadrachalam
  4. Chattisgarh: Jagdalpur
  5. Karnataka: Hampi
  6. Tamil Nadu
  • The expert committee also has suggested to take in Chitrakoot (Madhya Pradesh), Mahendragiri (Odisha), Nagpur and Nashik (Maharashtra) in the proposed circuit.
  • Krishna Circuit: 12 destinations spread across 5 states have been proposed under it and the covered destinations are:
  1. Gujarat: Dwarka
  2. Rajasthan: Nathdwara, Jaipur and Sikar
  3. Uttar Pradesh: Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana, Gokul, Nandgaon and Govardhan
  4. Odisha

About Swadesh Darshan Scheme

  • The Swadesh Darshan Scheme was launched by the Union Ministry of Tourism in 2014 - 15 with the objective to develop theme based tourist circuits in the country.
  • These tourist circuits will be developed with the objective of high tourist value, competitiveness and sustainability in an integrated manner.
  • Synergizing efforts will develop it to focus on concerns and requirements of all stakeholders to improve tourist experience and increase employment opportunities.
  • 13 thematic circuits have been identified for development under this scheme and they are:
  1. Buddhist Circuit
  2. North-East India Circuit
  3. Coastal Circuit
  4. Himalayan Circuit
  5. Krishna Circuit
  6. Desert Circuit
  7. Eco Circuit
  8. Wildlife Circuit
  9. Tribal Circuit
  10. Rural Circuit
  11. Spiritual Circuit
  12. Ramayana Circuit
  13. Heritage Circuit

- Published/Last Modified on: June 20, 2016