Rapid Test to Diagnose Zika and Dengue and IIT Scholars Discover New Drug to for Chikungunya Virus (Download PDF)


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Researchers including those from India developed low-cost, rapid diagnostic test consisting of pan-dengue strip for diagnosing Zika and dengue viruses and differentiating four serotypes of dengue virus.

Image of Important VBDs With Respect to India

Image of Important VBDs With Respect to India

Image of Important VBDs With Respect to India

Diagnosing Zika and Dengue

Zika and dengue both belong to same viral family, which are called flaviviruses. They are two closely related viruses spread by the same mosquito

Image of Vector - Borne Diseases

Image of Vector - Borne Diseases

Image of Vector - Borne Diseases

  • The test strip contains antibodies that react to presence of Zika or dengue virus along with gold nanoparticles that respond to antibody reaction.

  • Medical professional simply dips the strip into a tube of either blood serum or whole blood of patient.

  • Dot or line on the strip signify positive.

  • Nearly 100 % ability to distinguish between two virus infections with nearly 76 - 100 % sensitivity and specificity in case of dengue and 81 % sensitivity and 86 % specificity for Zika.

New Drug for Chikungunya Virus

  • Researchers have developed a potential drug piperazine as a pharmacotherapeutic agent which is traditionally been used in deworming treatments against roundworm and pinworm.

  • Found the anti-viral properties of the drug piperazine and the mechanism to combat the disease

  • Piperazine acts as a pharmacotherapeutic agent, which binds to the hydrophobic pocket of capsid protein, present in the Chikungunya virus inhibiting the spread of the virus.

  • Using X-ray crystallographic technique, in combination with computational biology and fluorescence techniques, the researchers found that piperazine binds itself well with the hydrophobic pocket on the alphavirus capsid protein.

  • As the hydrophobic pocket is key to the replication, the drug prevents budding and spread of the virus.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 12, 2017


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