Ravi Chaudhary Appointed as Executive Director for Regions and Centre Operations at FAA (Download PDF)

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Ravi Chaudhary is Indian-American scholar which appoint as Executive Director for Regions and Centre Operations at Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and according to this key position, he will oversee aviation operations in nine different regions.

Ravi Chaudhary Newly Appointed at FAA
  1. Indian-American Ravi Chaudhary served at the Pentagon as a Speechwriter and Strategic Planner in the Secretary of the Air Force Executive Action Group (AFEAG) .
  2. He completed 21 years of service at the Air Force District of Washington in America, Andrews Air Force Base.
  3. He will be responsible for many wide areas of Federal Aviation Administration such as safety, policy, Department of Transportation, corporate outreach, emergency readiness, facilities management etc.
  4. He will also be responsible for executing a 288 million US dollars operating budget of FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) .
  5. Ravi Chaudhary holds a bachelor degree in branch of Aeronautical Engineering from the Air Force Academy.
  6. He had completed Masters in Operational Arts and Science from Air University and a post-graduation degree in Industrial Engineering from St Mary՚s University as a NASA graduate fellow.
  7. He is a C-17 Pilot.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 2, 2015

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